We purpose to add value to peoples' lives using the mobile phone through corporate solutions and services to individual consumers.

Solutions Made Easy

A good business communicates to their customers on a regular basis on product or service updates, upgrades etc. Would you like to further. Our team of seasoned For example if you do not wish to communicate to all your customers at once? Look no further. We have a service that allows clients to send a single SMS to several recipients all at once directly from an SMS server on the LAN connected to the internet

We Listen and Deliver

Looking for software developers to deliver specific requirements for your custom application? Look no further. Our team of seasoned developers have vast experience in Android, iOS, Java, PHP, C +,C#, .Net, MySQL just to mention but a few. We offer solutions that fit business and personal needs.

We Entertain Too

We offer variety of skiza tunes and My-Skiza shuffles subscriptions that entertain both callers and receivers. For example if you do not wish to miss out on the latest patriotic quotes, simply dial *811*88# and get to enjoy our latest patriotic quotes single SMS to several recipients all at We offer solutions that fit business as your skiza tune for only Ksh 1.5 per day.


Onfon Media Limited is a Premium Rate Service Provider (PRSP) for mobile phone content. It is a popular company among subscribers and content providers for Value Added Services on the mobile platform. We develop content on RingBackTone (RBT) platform, also commonly known as SKIZA.

Currently, our most popular Skiza service is the Name Tunes service that provides subscribers with a caller ring-back tone that is customized according to the name of the user. We have been quite successful in integrating My Skiza shuffle into the Skiza category, only that for MySkiza, the caller entertains himself/herself as they wait for their call to be picked.


Onfon Business is an IBM Partner and Oracle Gold Partner specializing in customized enterprise business solutions. Our core business is to provide GOOD enterprise Business to Business solutions to corporate entities.

Data analytics solutions through IBM and ORACLE
Development of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Consultant Services on Enterprise Solutions
Credit Scoring Solutions


We are a leading East African TV and Film production company. We produce and provide production services in film, documentaries, co-operate photography, TV commercials/Adverts, Movies, Animation, Music videos and TV drama series. We also provide other related and integral film/TV industry related services, which include; crew cast and Equipment supplies


With operations in over 5 countries Onfon continues to grow towards the achievement of its vision to become a leading Pan African VAS Company. Innovation, employee and customer satisfaction are part of our core values.