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Onfon Business is an IBM Partner and Oracle Gold Partner specializing in customized enterprise business solutions. Our core business is to provide enterprise Business to Business solutions to corporate entities.
Among our solutions include;
1. Data analytics solutions through IBM and ORACLE
2. Development of Enterprise Resource Planning systems
3. Consultant services on Enterprise Solutions
4. Credit Scoring Solutions


We have an SMS gateway that connects our clients & partners in order to operate various Bulk SMS through a portal and API. We offer Application to Person (Bulk SMS) platform. SMS can be vital in various applications such as informing customers or potential customers and other stakeholders on any relevant matters such as engagement messages, awareness, offers, security notifications, service outage, and festival greetings, etc.


A USSD Shortcode is a five-digit number (such as *147*43#) that initiates USSD session from cell phone. It is usually an easy number to remember and is significantly shorter than usual mobile numbers.It allows interactive communication between our partners and their customers.


We offer SMS services through a TCRA registered SMS Shortcode as a channel. A Shortcode is a five-digit number (such as 15630) which can either be used to send or receive SMS alongside from a cell phone. Shortcode is available either in Toll Free or in Premium Rates.


An alphanumeric is a custom sender id that is registered with Mobile Service Providers and that can be stamped on SMS messages being sent out to users. For example, if your business name is ONFON, you can purchase that alphanumeric and brand messages going out from your account as being from ONFON. One important distinction between alphanumerics and short codes is that with alphanumerics, users will not be able to reply to that sender id.Once you register an alphanumeric,you will have the option of using it as the sender id for messages originating from your account.The sender id should have atmost eleven characters.