It is an online streaming platform on both web and Mobile, structured to stream African content on free and premium model.
Cheki TV prides itself with over 400 shorts, Music, Featured, Tv Content and building. Our target market is African region and Diaspora. With millions of smart phones entering the market space and more high speed internet access, cheki TV is positioned to provide content to entertain millions.


Baze offers customers unmatched entertainment with a special focus on compelling short form local content. Its is a Mobile First, video on demand service that offers you a vast selection of local and regional short form videos in Entertainment, Music, News, Sports. Onfon has been licensed to aggregate and create content on behalf of Safaricom.

We are keen in acquiring the following local content from Content Providers;

  1. Entertainment: Comedy, Kids, Drama
  2. Lifestyle Culture: Travel, Food, Fashion, Fitness, DIYs
  3. News & Documentary
  4. Faith
  5. Sports

Our function as Aggregator

  1. Source and aggregate local content
  2. Content evaluation and review
  3. Content ingestion: Uploading of content onto a platform
  4. Catalog, metadata and promotion materials preparation
  5. Marketing, Responsible for growing and marketing content specific to the provider


As a Licensed film Agency, We assist filming process and licensing both locally and internationally making it easier for filmmakers to focus on the creative side. Local filming agents and Private production companies or individuals are requested to submit their applications through a local agent registered with the ministry. This requirement is mandatory for all applications to make feature films or documentaries.


Onfon Production is a fully equipped Film and Video production department. Our scope covers and not limited to Film and movie production, Video coverage, Ads, commercials and Documentaries.