We are a leading East African TV and Film production company. We produce and provide production services in film, documentaries, co-operate photography, TV commercials/Adverts, Movies, Animation, Music videos and TV drama series. We also provide other related and integral film/TV industry related services, which include; crew cast and Equipment supplies.

Wedding/Event Coverage

We do wedding coverage.


Masaai Africa.


Rogue, Nuu Muru.

Music Videos

Daddy Owen Ft sakoz; wewe ni mungu song, Daddy Owen; Jumapili song, Rigan Sarkoz; Sepela and Melele songs, Ragg, Sawa sawa song, Flying Redio; love love Song, Sankale Music; African daughter song.

TV drama series

Kejani, Modern hustle, Family business, Fraud Too Chomical’s, Kidosho, Mugwimi and Food challenge show.


Kids, teenagers, models (female/male), nature, animals and places.