Onfon Media Limited is a Premium Rate Service Provider (PRSP) for mobile phone content. It is a popular company among subscribers and content providers for Value Added Services on the mobile platform. We develop content on RingBackTone (RBT) platform, also commonly known as SKIZA.
Currently, our most popular Skiza service is the Name Tunes service that provides subscribers with a caller ring-back tone that is customized according to the name of the user. We have been quite successful in integrating My Skiza shuffle into the Skiza category, only that for MySkiza, the caller entertains himself/herself as they wait for their call to be picked.


Skiza or Ring Back Tone (RBT) is that ringing sound you hear when you try to call someone. Your network Service provides this sound to your callers when they are trying to connect to you. With ONFON MEDIA, you have the option to replace that ringing sound with music or voice messages i.e NameTunes (meaning of your name),Love quotes, Bible verses, Songs among others. This way your callers can hear the latest music hits or a personalized message from you. It’s whatever you want to entertain them with.
My Skiza is the tone that you set to entertain yourself whenever you make a call.In this case Onfon Media provides you with Bible verses,Breaking News,Jokes,Health tips among other services.

Artist and content Management

Artist Management entails; following up with artistes when it comes to marketing and ensuring that we as Onfon Media are collaborating with artists to make marketing campaigns whether joint or independent a success, following up on artists payments, ensuring they are paid their royalties on time, engaging with various artistes from time to time to ensure that artistes are satisfied with Onfon Media, providing guidance and solutions to artist complaints and concerns and overseeing artist engagement by the rights acquisition team.


411 is an informative service that inspires, informs and entertains. How it works: Dial*411# on your phone, choose the category e.g. Horoscopes, Bible verses, entertainment, sports, news. You will receive an SMS reply.
For example if you do not wish to miss out on the latest breaking news, simply dial *411*1# and get to enjoy breaking news.