Onfon Media as a company specializes in bulk sms, shortcode & ussd, computer systems design & development and IT consultancy.

Onfon’s core business is in development of messaging solutions for both corporate and individual customers. It is a premium rate service provider licensed by the Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK). We provide innovative value added services to telephone subscribers in Kenya, Uganda and more recently Tanzania markets. Currently Onfon serves various banks, radio stations and government institutions and serves over 2 million individual subscribers.

Some of our services include:

Bulk SMS

SMS Marketing is an easy and cost effective way to drive business to your opt-in customers. Our platform
is powerful and easy to use. It allows you to launch your SMS Campaigns in seconds, right from your
Onfon bulk SMS is a simple and effective tool for sending SMS messages and managing contacts and
recipient groups. Designed for quick upload of message text and recipient details. It is especially suitable
for larger volumes and bulk messaging, but sending single messages is also possible.

SMS Short Codes
A short code is a 5-digit number (e.g. 22141). That carries a premium or standard charge. Using a short
code allows businesses the functionality to generate sales leads, compile databases and create revenue.
It also allows customers to opt-in to the company’s SMS campaigns, alert services and to enter SMS

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Services Data. It is a technology that is used to send information
(usually text menus) between a mobile phone and an application on a mobile network. USSD Codes can
encompass once off requests or interactive navigation with a menu-based application. It is extremely
effective when targeting users with feature phones as it is supported by all handsets and networks and
requires no internet to connect. It therefore has great reach and adoption within your market.
USSD can also be integrated with mobile money services to allow businesses to collect payments from
mobile subscribers. The USSD charges the customers a standard rate or it can be reverse billed to the

Dennis-Makori- CEO Onfon Group

Dennis Makori, a 40 year-old Kenyan, is a co-founder and CEO of Onfon Media, a $5 million (annual revenues) value-added telecommunication service provider.Onfon Media’s product portfolio includes everything from basic messaging applications like bulk SMS and short codes to include caller ring-back tunes, mobile banking solutions, media production, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and digital signage. Clients include leading commercial banks, government agencies, and media houses.