Value Added Telecommunication PRSP

Onfon Media Limited is a popular company among subscribers and content providers for value added services on the mobile platform.

our most popular service is the Name Tunes service that provides subscribers with a caller ring-back tone that is customized according to the name of the user. We have been quite successful in integrating short message services (SMS) into business applications that make it faster and cheaper for end users to access services from our corporate clients.
Onfon Business is an IBM Partner and Oracle Gold Partner specializing in customized enterprise business solutions. Our core business is to provide enterprise Business to Business solutions to corporate entities. 


Dennis-Makori- CEO Onfon Group

Dennis Makori, a 40 year-old Kenyan, is a co-founder and CEO of Onfon Media, a $5 million (annual revenues) value-added telecommunication service provider.Onfon Media’s product portfolio includes everything from basic messaging applications like bulk SMS and short codes to include caller ring-back tunes, mobile banking solutions, media production, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and digital signage. Clients include leading commercial banks, government agencies, and media houses.